The Chantry Deacons

When House Shae originally gifted the Chantry to the London Hollow ones in the late 1930s, the Deed of Transfer stated that a Hollow One had to be the Leader. Since then the Chantry reverted back to House Shae in September 1998, however House chose to return the Chantry to the members of the Speakeasy. The only proviso was that there would be a triumvurate of Deacons, one appointed by House Shae, the second to be elected by the members of the Chantry, while the third would be selected by Certámen.

The current Deacons are:

Dr Jonathan Palmer, Son of Ether - Appointed by House Shae Angharad Carlysle , Verbena - Elected by the Chantry Lord D'Arcy, renunciate New World Order - Selected by Certámen

Unfortunately the Certámen position has proven to be difficult to fill. Originally Hector Rassmussen bani Euthanatos took up the post in October of 1998, but shortly after this he returned to his ancestral chantry in Calcutta and so he stood down as Deacon. In November 1998 those involved in the final rounds of the original Certámen duelled again and Owen Michaels was selected as Certámen Deacon. But in January of this year he was forced to flee from the Chantry after apparantly betraying us to the Technocracy and the suicide of one of his cabal mates. A third participant of the Certámen has become acting Deacon pending the gathering of the Chantry membership in March

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