The Guild of Creative Thought

Although the Time's Arrow Chantry in Greenwich is the main Sons of Ether Chantry in London, a number of us choose to frequent the Speakeasy Chantry. Perhaps this is a reflection of Horizon's Exchange policy, perhaps it is more of a reflection of our own diverse backgrounds and areas of research. At present there are six members of the cabal:

The Guild of Creative of Creative Thought

From left to right: Marcus, Walter, Jonathan, Isaac, The Captain, The Major

Doctor Jonathan Palmer

Doctor Palmer calls himself a "Reconstructive Archaebiologist", specialising in the recovery of the biodiversity condemned by Progenitor theories of Evolution. A full biography is available elsewhere within this website. He is also the Guild's representative to the Chantry, and one of the three Deacons of the Chantry.

Major Marcus Scott

The Major was born Marcus Scott on 1st June 1953 to a middle class family in the heart of Shropshire. The Major had a relatively quiet childhood excelling in his academic studies.

The Major went on to University to study an Engineering Degree which he passed with flying colours.

After University The Major joined the Royal Engineers on 9th March 1974 where is served some 11 years finally gaining the rank of Major. He left the Army bit under a cloud due to his unique view of the World.

The Major retired to a small cottage in Hampshire where he was awakened into The Sons of Ether Tradition and built the EtherJammer, The Flying Scott.

Between 11th April 1987 and 1st November 1997 The Major traveled the Near Umbra in The Flying Scott generally exploring this new world and the strange creatures there. It was during this time he meet his first Werewolves and other Mages of Other Traditions.

On his return The Major initially joined The Magic Bus Chantry in Hampshire through which he had is first contact with Vampires. But he quickly became involved in the politics of The Speak Easy Chantry in London.

The Major is now devotes most of his time to his work and the Speak Easy Chantry. He has also become a member of The Guild of Creative Thought Cabal based within the Speak Easy Chantry.

Captain Patchett-Graham

[Biographical details to follow shortly.]

Walter Goddall

[Biographical details to follow shortly.]

Isaac Townsend

[Biographical details to follow shortly.]

Marcus Selby

[Biographical details to follow shortly.]

The TechnoGun

In April 1998 a rogue Void Engineer visited the Chantry, she was pursued by a pair of agents from whom we "liberated" this device. It is a powerful laser of some form, with a very large storage battery. In a recent field test a single shot from the gun decapitated a HitMark and severely damaged a second.

The Character descriptions above are the intellectual property of their players. Remember the comfy chair? Well, it is waiting for any naughty people.

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