The Technocracy

Although individual Conventions claim histories or inheritances that date back millennia, the origins of the modern Conventions date back to a period referred to as the Low Mythic Age, when mystics worked their marvels in isolation. The dark ages were a time of superstition and fear, the Church was beginning to lose control as pagans thrived. Various groups of High Artisans, dabblers in sacred geometry, planned to bring the world together under one Order of Reason.

The Dawn of the Age of Reason

Over the many years that plan would take to come to fruition, mystics of the Hermetic tradition flourished, creating houses of similar practices. The Hermetics established Covenants across Europe, unfortunately some cared only for personal power and many peasants cowered in fear of these Covenants.

In 1210 the High Artisans aided a group of peasants to bring down a corrupt Hermetic Covenant, Mistridge, with cannons and other impossible weapons. Christian, Muslim, Pagan and Mongol forces battled each other across the known world diverting the attention of Hermetic Magi. Finally a solitary magi's tower was captured by the High Artisans in 1325, who then called together others of their kind in a Convention.

The Birth of the Technocratic Union

The differing groups of High Artisans met and quickly struck a pact to bring their Order of Reason to completion, and to exterminate those who kept mortals in terror. Their plan was to use Grand Science, perfected by years of practice, observation of natural principles and invention, to enlighten the masses.

The Renaissance brought about a period of development, printing presses brought education to the masses, science and technology brought machinery to the working place. Finally the Order of Reason had brought their Grand Science to the world, in the form of the Industrial Revolution, the Order reorganising itself as the Technocratic Union.

The Modern Conventions of The Technocratic Union

The Technocracy today still seeks to sway the masses and to slay the monsters, each convention has its own task within the Great Timetable.
This information has been distilled from Mage: The Ascension and Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade, published by White Wolf.

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