Doctor Jonathan Palmer

Son of Ether

Jonathan Palmer is a well educated laboratory technician working at a research organisation in central London. He was an average student while at University and a reliable lab-tech for four years.

After many years of interest in extinct creatures, particularly those bizarre creatures that died out millennia ago, Jonathan started to explore and tinker in the lab out of hours. Eventually he stumbled across a web site devoted to such creatures, one section seemed exceptionally interesting but required registration. He filled out his contact details, but forgot about the site when there was no apparent response within a month.

Then out of the blue he received an email with a large attached document, this turned out to be a translation of an ancient scroll called the Kitab al Alacir. While reading it Jonathan realised that an email address was hidden in the text, he sent an email to the address and continued reading the scroll.

Slowly all his ideas about evolution and extinction crumbled until he realised that it was all, effectively, a publicity stunt designed to fool the public. Something clicked. He went back into the lab, threw together a few reagents that "felt" right and was able to produce exactly the right results that the lab had been searching for over the last two years.

As he sat there looking at these results he received a telephone call in reply to his email, from someone calling themselves Dr. Julius Vane. They later met, and Dr. Vane explained about a group of Scientists exploring the frontiers of True Science and technology, developing their own theories. Jonathan was introduced to the Sons of Ether, and over the next two years slowly developed his understanding of the Life, Prime and Matter Spheres.

Jonathan has since set up his own private lab at work after a refurbishment left an area in the third basement "misplaced", and has establish himself as a member of the Speakeasy Chantry, becoming one of the three Deacons in October 1998.

Recently Jonathan has submitted an article to the UK editorial board of Paradigma, the Journal of Progessive Science, describing some of his experimental work.

Jonathan is in his early thirties, 6'3" tall and well built. He is also a little bit awkward in public and can be irritable, but quite enthusiastic if he gets going about Science or his own theories. According to the Myers-Briggs type index he is probably an ENTP, an Inventor.

Nature: Visionary
Demeanour: Architect
Avatar: Dynamic
Physical: Brawny, Dextrous, Energetic, Rugged, Enduring
Social: Friendly, Genial, Persuasive
Mental: Observant, Vigilant, Insightful, Discerning, Shrewd, Intuitive, Knowledgeable, (Oblivious), (Impatient)
Abilities: Medicine, Science 2, Research, Computer, Law (Mage), Technology, Repair, Jury-rig
Backgrounds: Arcane 2, Avatar 3, Sanctum 2
Flaws: Addiction (Guarana), Compulsion (no physical contact)
Willpower: 3
Arete: 3
Quintessence/Paradox: 3/0
Spheres: Life 3, Matter 3, Prime 2

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