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Biomorphic Field Induction

A Study Of The Interaction Between Etheric Fields
And The Biomorphic Emanations Of Living Organisms

With reference to the use of induction and modulation of these emanations,
by external application of synthetic etheric resonant and harmonic fields.


It has been long established, by many Scientists, that the physical world exists within an ambient etheric field[1]. Just as a stone tossed into a pond causing ripples, the physical world causes ripples within this etheric field. It is my hypothesis that all living creatures interact with their environment and other creatures through "Biomorphic Emanations" that are a fundamental external reflection of any creature's internal "Biomorphic Field".

I propose that, by a process of harmonic induction using an etheric field, it would be possible to modify an organism; in addition I propose that it would be possible to reproduce existing living forms or to create new living forms.

Materials and Methods

Primary test subjects: Escherichia coli grown on agar plates or in liquid culture, at 37°C, supplemented with 100µg/ml antibiotic. Mouse cell lines grown in nutrient media, at 37°C and 5% CO2.

Secondary test subject: a male, ginger cat, aged 7 years, called Tiddles, fed with Whiskerstm Rabbit cat food, at room temperature, supplemented with GoCattm dry biscuit.

For the purpose of my experiments these etheric fields were generated using my Biomorphic Field Inducer[2], that I hope to have patented soon.

Experiment 1: Induction of antibiotic resistance within antibiotic sensitive bacteria. Overnight cultures of E.coli were exposed to etheric fields designed to induce antibiotic resistance, random fields or no field and then used to inoculate cultures of media without or without antibiotic and incubated overnight at 37°C.

Experiment 2: Modulation of cellular differentiation within mammalian cell lines. Stock cultures of mouse COS cell lines were exposed to etheric fields designed to initiate specific tissue growth, random fields or no field, then plated out at 37°C and 5% CO2 for one week, with media changes after 2 and 5 days.

Experiment 3: Creation of new biological entities. Bacterial medium containing antibiotic was exposed to etheric fields designed to create antibiotic resistant E.coli, random fields or no fields, then incubated overnight at 37°C.

Experiments 4-6: Modulation of physical characteristics of a whole creature. Tiddles was exposed to a variety of etheric fields designed to alter fur coloration, fur length, body size and random or no fields.


Experiment 1: The two sets of control cultures (random or no field) only grew in standard medium, while those exposed to antibiotic resistance inducing fields also grew in media containing the antibiotic.

Experiment 2: Those cells exposed to no field or random fields grew as normal, those exposed to specific fields developed clumps of cells with appropriately differentiated characteristics.

Experiment 3: Only the media exposed to the field designed to induce ampicillin resistant E.coli[3] grew after overnight incubation.

Experiments 4-6: Tiddles' fur was successfully turned blue, green and red after exposure to appropriate fields, a day after exposure to fur length enhancement fields his fur had doubled in length[4]. Exposure to body size alteration fields caused Tiddles to grow to twice his normal size, or to shrink to one third[5]

Note: The cultures in experimetns 1-3 were destroyed by sterilisation and subsequent incineration of all materials involved.


Experiments 1 and 2 clearly demonstrate that an externally applied, synthetic field can modulate the characteristics of simple creatures, such as bacteria, or suspension cell cultures of mammalian cell. The experiments performed upon Tiddles indicate that such fields can also be used to affect complex creatures.

Bacteria that are sensitive to antibiotics are, by definition, unable to grow in the presence of such antibiotics. However, the bacteria used in experiment 1 were able to grow in the presence of antibiotic only after exposure to a specific, externally applied field modulation. The random field modulations produce no apparent effect upon the bacteria, they were still sensitive to the antibiotic.

Stock cultures of mouse COS cell lines will, under normal circumstances, continue to grow with a uniform cell type. However in experiment 3, specifically designed field modulations caused these cell lines to differentiate into a number of varied cell types. Exposure to random external field sources did not cause any such differentiation.

Experiments 1 to 3 explored the effect of externally applied field modulations upon simple cellular systems. However, higher creatures exhibit a much higher order of complexity. Experiments 4 to 6 explored the use of external modulations upon a complex creature and upon complex system within such a creature. It has been clearly demonstrated within these experiments that a variety of features can be modified specifically and successfully.

Future Research

I propose that careful examination of the extant harmonics and resonances within the ambient etheric field would allow recreation of the original biomorphic emanations of long gone creatures. Having recreated said emanations, this work demonstrates that the original creatures could be recreated, I intend to use this as the basis for my experiments to restore those biological entities condemned to "extinction" by the Progenitors' false theory of "Evolution".

In addition, I propose that all sentient entities are unconsciously aware of the interference caused within their own biomorphic fields by the close proximity of another's biomorphic emanations. I believe that this is the origin of the "personal space"; in addition I suspect that, over time, continual interaction between a pair of individuals' biomorphic emanations induces harmonics within the pairs of biomorphic fields that allow the individuals to maintain a close proximity that would, normally, be uncomfortable.

My studies in the area of the inorganic materials of this world, in parallel with my studies of living creatures, leads me to observe certain similarities, I suspect that there are "Chemomorphic Fields" and "Chemomorphic Emanations" analogous to the fields and emanations described above[6]. I welcome suggestions for experimental work that might verify this theory.

[1] Aretus, Kitab al Alacir; Doctor pi, Paradigma Vol. 2, No. 1; Doctor Baridium, Paradigma Vol. 86, No. 4; Dr Bridges and Dr Brucato, Paradigma Special Issue Vol. 0, No. 0

[2] The Biomorphic Field Inducer is a hand held device with a linear array of three sensors, an analogue display, configured to register values between plus or minus 3, and a 20 key alphanumeric pad.

[3] PCR primers designed to amplify the ampr gene where used to screen DNA extracted from the over night cultures.

[4] Initial growth rate of 1 mm/hr slowing exponential until length doubled in 21.5 hours.

[5] 18 and 3 kilograms respectively.

[6] A prototype Chemomorphic Field Inducer has been constructed, at present it has an array of 3 detectors, 5 keys corresponding to each of the 5 states of matter (gas, liquid, solid, plasma and ether), and a simple analogue display calibrated from 0 to 10.

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